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Big Bruno   

In shelter Dog

Calgary, AB, T2Y 5E9
Pet name:
Big Bruno
Big Bruno isn’t that big, weighing in at about 55 lbs. He is an all-around great dog with tons of personality and is super affectionate. He is a very attentive dog that looks to his people for assurance and validation, he craves attention and loves to snuggle.

Big Bruno is a people dog. He does like his doggy siblings and enjoys a good romp in the yard, but he prefers to be glued to his person’s side, then out with the pack. When it comes to other dogs, he displays some rude puppy-like behavior, pushing them around with his body, and he likes to play rough with hard-hitting chase and wrestle, so any fur siblings should be around his size or bigger. However, 9/10 times you can find him sunbathing rather than chasing.

Big Bruno has developed reactivity and possessiveness, directed towards the other large male dog in the house. We think he should be the only dog in the house, or may be ok with submissive females. His family should be committed to working with him on his possessive behaviors. He has reacted when the other male dog was near ‘his’ crate, dish, and favorite people, or when the energy level in the home was too high.

If you have other animals, dinner time should be monitored or separated. He has shown some resource guarding when it comes to food (we feed him separately).

Big Bruno does not live with children, but he has been around them and was ok/not stressed by their presence. He really loves our 10 yr old nephew, and we think he would be ok with older kids in the house. Because of his food obsession and possessive nature, he probably shouldn’t be with small kids in case he decides something is ‘his’. He has a gentle mouth and takes treats softly, but if there is competition from another dog, he reacts poorly, which could lead to nipped fingers.

When it comes to other animals, he does have a moderate prey drive. He has only been exposed to outdoor cats, so unsure how he would be with cats inside the home. We are on an acreage with chickens/rabbits/cats, and he has shown too much interest to be left unleashed with them. Best he isn’t in a home with other small critters.

This love bug came to us with no manners or training, just a goofy and pleasing personality. In a short while he has learned so much! With time and patience, he could really be the Top Dog! He learned ‘sit’ on day 2, which quickly led to training his inhibition control with dinner time and thresholds. He will sit and stay and wait for “OK” before eating or walking through a doorway. He is crate trained to perfection! He loves his crate, walks in by himself when asked, and has been left in it for up to 6 hrs with no issue or destructive behavior. He is house trained, but when he has to go - he has to go! His ‘asks’ are subtle, so you have to pay attention. Bell training at the door would be a good idea.

Oh ya, and the most important thing - he walks like a total gem on a leash! He is intrigued by birds, cats, squirrels, but not enough to take you for a ride on the other end of the leash. He does, however, need some help correcting his reaction to cyclists, and he is fearful of cars, so it is best that he isn’t walked in busy neighborhoods with lots of traffic to start. He has been on our acreage mostly, with some outings to the city, so he is not as familiar with city life and should be given time and patience to get used to all the sights and sounds. He does get over-stimulated with too much people/dogs, so his people need to help manage his surroundings and make sure he isn’t pushed passed his comfort level.

He is at home on his foster’s acreage and enjoys the country life, but could easily be a city dog. He only barks when he is playing, and is quiet in his crate. We think he would be fine in a condo setting, but would be best with separate entrances, because we are unsure of his interactions with other dogs in close quarters.

Ok, now that you have read this far, it is time to tell you the things he needs to work on. But remember how smart we told you he is? These quirks should be corrected in no time! He hasn’t yet understood that the counter is not for puppy paws - don’t leave dinner out to thaw and expect it to be there when you get home from work! He is bathroom trained, however, he doesn’t have a clear ‘ask’, if you aren’t paying attention, he may have an accident. Training with a bell at the door would be a great idea! And lastly, he isn’t a destructive dog, but he has had to test his boundaries - one ottoman down, but that is it! He was told ‘no’ and has never chewed on anything again!

Any family would be so lucky to have Big Bruno in their lives, he has so much love to give. Big Bruno deserves a family where he is the center of attention and someone’s whole world, he truly is the sweetest dog.


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