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In shelter Dog

Berthoud, CO, 80513
Pet name:
Cane Corso
Gray / Blue / Silver
Extra Large
Coat length:
Thank you for your inquiry about a Dogs Unbroken dog. Odin is such a character and is a jokester. He has the best and funniest personality and is one of the most agile dogs we have ever met! He will for sure keep you on your toes. Odin has some issues with meeting new people and he might need a couple of visits before he feels comfortable with you.

The dogs we take into our rescue were all at risk of being euthanized before they came to us – that may have been due to perceptions based on their breed or because they had displayed negative behaviors in the past. In all cases, we saw the potential in these Colorado dogs. While in our care, we start to work with the dogs to reward good behaviors and correct undesirable ones. Our placement program employs a Foster-to-Adopt process enabling you and the dog time to get to know each other and learn together.

During the foster period, we require your participation in a mandatory, 8-week basic obedience class with an amazing trainer based in Longmont. This class is provided at no cost to you and uses a balanced training method, meaning you learn to only reward good behaviors and to identify and appropriately correct negative behaviors. In our experience, it’s amazing to learn how to connect with your dog and see them figure out for themselves how to make appropriate choices. Upon successful completion of this class and payment of the adoption fee, we will transfer ownership and you will have continued training support for the life of your dog.


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