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In shelter Dog

Romoland, CA, 92585
Pet name:
Cane Corso
To ensure the best possible experience when meeting our dog, appointments are required. Please EMAIL and wait for confirmation of your appointment before coming to visit the Akita Ranch. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon!
FOR DOGS NOT LOCATED AT THE AKITA RANCH, PLEASE CONTACT THE SHELTER OR INDIVIDUAL LISTED IN THE DESCRIPTION DIRECTLY for more information on a particular dog.Turley is a BIG, goofy Cane Corso pup just under a year old and already 120 lbs. He has had some training and knows sit and how to walk on a leash (sort of) but sometimes his puppyness overrides his training. He gets excited and wants to jump up and give you a big drooly h orug so we are trying to teach him that maybe that isnt the best way to show how much he likes you. He is naturally protective and a LOT of dog who will need a strong but benevolent leader to teach him and keep up his training. Turley LOVES to go on car rides and sit inside in the air conditioning. He would do best with a single person or adult couple who are familiar with this breed or similar power breeds. Turley lived with and was socialized with children but he can easily knock them down and unintentionally injure them since he is huge, floppy and doesnt realize his size. He needs to be an only dog or the right owners who understand how to handle him might be able to integrate him with a larger female dogVisit Akita Ranch 28930 Ellis Ave, Romoland, CA, Open 10-5 daily BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Email for adoption information.
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Did you know that you can be a hero? If this homeless dog steals your heart and you cant adopt at this time, we would welcome you to sponsor his/her rescue and save a life. Let us know by emailing us at:


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