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In shelter Dog

Yoder, CO, 80864
Pet name:
Catahoula Leopard Dog
Man o man, if ever there was a misplaced dog, it would be me. What the heck is a Catahoula doing at a Mastiff rescue? Well, Ill tell you….Lisa got a call one day from another rescuer who, with her friend, wanted to rescue me from the kill shelter I was in. She told Lisa that they had given the shelter her name (without her permission, mind you) saying that I could go to Blue Lion. She said that they only needed a place for me for 2 weeks and then they would come get me. Lisa was hesitant (and appalled that they had given the shelter her name without asking first) but this lady said you know I would never stick you with a dog so Lisa said ok. Well, guess what? Do I really need to tell you the result? Yeah, those rescuers never came for me nor would they respond to all the e-mails and texts and phone calls Lisa made….so Ive been here for quite awhile and I gotta tell you, its time to move on. These Mastiffs are about the laziest dogs Ive ever seen! Oh, theyll ramp things up if theres an intruder but most of the time they are like sloths soaking up the sun….Not me! I want to run all the time! We are bred to hunt but we can also do search and rescue as well as drug detection. Someone needs to give me a job! Im a real sweetheart (I love to give kisses) but am dominant with other dogs. You know, I do that humping thing to show dominance but if the other dog just ignores me, Im pretty ok with them. Im around 3 years old and my name is Dexter. So who is gonna help me to blossom into the Hula Hula (thats what my Aunt Toni calls us) that I was meant to be?


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