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In shelter Dog

Lubbock, TX, 79407
Pet name:
Cattle Dog
Hello from Sammy. I am  a heeler mix around 9 yrs old.  I was picked up at Miller Elementary scared, limping, and having a hard time standing up. I know Im a big boy but I am on a weight loss journey and can now walk a 20 minute mile and even jump and run around some. I am very sweet and laid back. I get along with big & little dogs and cats.  I rarely bark but will when Im excited to see you and at the puppy if he wont leave me alone. 

I am learning to trust humans - that a hand coming at me wont hurt me but will give me pets and belly rubs. I do not like going outside without my human.  I do not get on furniture or require a lot of attention but I like being around my human and will follow you from room to room to be with you.  I sleep on a dog bed in the bedroom (not the one in photo; I was seeing if I would fit) and will get on it when told to "go to bed".  I get separation anxiety and will need a crate or secure place to be if I am left alone. 

I would be a fantastic companion for a more mature age person that wants a sidekick. I do well around canes, walkers and have a fantastic "backup" and respect to get out of the way. I am a Wonderful listener, secret keeper and tail wager. 

I have a puzzle dog food bowl and enjoy green beans, small amounts of blueberries and strawberries  as treats to help me continue to lose weight.  My adoption fee is $150 which includes all vaccinations, microchip, neuter, heartworm test and preventative.   Please email to meet me.


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