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CHICO 1 Years Old   

In shelter Dog

Acton, CA, 93510
Pet name:
CHICO 1 Years Old
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Coat length:
Chico is our 1 yr old very healthy and playful boy. He’s a very calm, quiet loving little boy. Darling Chico is a 14.2 pound handsome sweet little Chihuahua. 
He loves loves loves to snuggle and be a lapdog. He is good with  all dogs in his play group and he Loves people!

His owners were elderly and moved into a senior complex in Apple Valley. What they didn’t know is that the complex did not allow dogs!
So soon after moving in to their new mobile home park with their little fenced yard, Chico was enjoying the fresh air, when a neighbor saw him and turned him into management! Heartbroken, the couple had to surrender their precious young baby boy!
He loves sitting on your lap and just cuddle with you. 
If you can find it in your heart to adopt Chico, It would be a wonderful thing you do and you won’t regret it and you’ll make the previous owners very happy!

If you notice in one of the pictures, he is looking back. We didn’t realize it until after we looked at the picture for quite awhile, why he was looking back. Then we noticed a little feral kitten in the background. We’re not sure who surprised who. LOL. Chico didn’t react to the kitten so he might be good with cats!

LBWF saw Chico listed on the shelter website and kept track just in case. Because so many dogs small, young, old, healthy and sick are being turned into the Apple Valley Shelter they have no space left. LBWF has been rescuing like crazy and on our recent transport we scooped sweet Chico up and saved his life. 
If you are looking for that sweet pup to keep you company and add to your family, Chico is your boy! 

Neutered, up-to-date on shots and microchip. 
All dogs come with a complete bag filled with lots of goodies in your adoption package. 

Please go to and fill out an application for Chico. Click on the drop-down menu choose adopt then adoption process and tell us why you were the perfect most wonderful home for a little Chico. The more information the better.
Go to the drop-down menu choose adopt and then adoption process. Southern California adoption’s only.
Many thanks and handsome Chico looks forward to hearing from you!

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