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In shelter Dog

Albany, NY, 12205
Pet name:
- Please visit our website for our meet/greet/adoption process & on-line application:
- Minimum adoption donation: $280.00
- Travel limit is 45 miles from the Albany Airport, NO EXCEPTIONS!
- A secure physical fence is required when children are in the home.
- We are an all volunteer rescue, all dogs live in foster homes with their foster parent(s).

Hi my name is Ziggy.  Im about 10 years old and 13 pounds.   I came to my foster home when my dad died and no one in the family was able to take me to live with them.  I have lived with my brother Cocoa my whole life and weve lived a good life together but we do not need to be adopted together.  Since I had not seen a doctor in a long time, I had a physical and the doctor said I was in excellent health.  My bloodwork did come back showing I was positive for lyme disease.  Im all finished with my medication but since I had it I will need to be checked yearly for it just it case it comes back.  Treating it was no big deal, I took my pills without a problem and I didnt have any side effects.  Im a somewhat independent little guy, not needy or clingy.  Im used to a quiet home and this place isnt quiet however I found if I stay in my open crate or the dog bed in the back room the other dogs dont bother me and I can relax in my own space.  I like to bury my face in the corner of the crate or under my front paws.  I will snuggle under the blanket once in a while too.  When its not so busy in the living room with the other dogs I like to go in and get on the couch with mom. She has stairs up to the couch and I caught on quickly how to use them.  Im not a jumper so I couldnt get up there without her help.  I will snuggle with mom but I dont want the other dogs snuggling with me, if they do I get down and go back to my own space.  I like to be brushed and with my undercoat that is something I will need.  Im not used to being picked up so that is scary to me.  I dont want to be in a home with small kids or a busy house, I like the quiet like I was used to.  Now that the weather is nice I like to go outside and lay on the patio and soak in the sun.  I like having a fenced in yard because I am an explorer, checking out the smells and just seeing what is going on outside. One day I was hunkered down in some taller grass and a little hole the other dogs made, mom saw my little head pop up and thought I was a gopher.....hahahaha!   I am a barker if I hear noises, mom is working on that with me.  She thinks I was allowed to be as vocal as I wanted in my other home with no correction but that isnt allowed here. I dont like it if my ID tag hits the side of the water dish so I kind of demand my own shallow water dish.  Mom always knows when its not full because I dance around in the kitchen....because of this she calls me Sir Ziggy.   In my previous home there was always a puppy pad down, here mom wants me to go outside which I do and I will bark at the door to let her know I need to go.  Since there were puppy pads always available I didnt have to learn to hold it so if I do not have access to outside I will potty in the house if mom isnt home.  I am content to be shut in my crate with my comfy dog bed when mom goes out.  I really love my crate and thats where I am most of the time when Im lounging or snoozing.  I was used to taking short walks with my dad, here I have the yard to roam around in so Im not getting any walks.  Im a sweet little guy.  Most of the time mom doesnt even know Im here unless Im alerting her or letting her know I need to go outside.  Mom calls me her little Ziggity Wiggity!  If you would like to meet me please visit our website, for our meet/greet/adoption process and on-line application which is needed for a meet and greet.


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