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Stevie JuM   

In shelter Dog

Austin, TX, 78701
Pet name:
Stevie JuM
Are you in need of a lovebug? A couch potato? Perhaps say, a lapdog? 
Well stop looking silly, hes right here! Stevie is a 8 year old Chi mix, but dont let that number trick you, hes still full of all the loving in the world. 
Being blind doesnt stop him from seeking a nice warm lap to cuddle on. His favorite things are laps, belly rubs, and treats, all the treats! 
He loves those treats so much so, you better hide them or else hell sniff them out, no eyesight needed for this boy. 
Stevie is crate trained and housebroken; his alert that he needs to go potty is to paw at you and/or he will begin to pace back and forth if needed. 
He picks up on the layout of the house, just be sure you push those chairs in when youre done. Major object changes can throw him off as with any other blind pet. 
Stevies activity level is low, he is content to cuddle in your lap while you binge your fave show. You may think for a chi mix that he would be a barker, but guess what, he isnt! 
He is quiet and rarely barks. Hes very much about having your love. 
Stevie would do best in an adults only house and would thrive best as the only dog in the house. He is grumpy about other dogs invading his space and does not like cats. 

Local Adoption (TX) fee is $200
Out of State (TX) Adoption fee is $400 (includes transport to local area)