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Little Louie   

In shelter Dog

Bakersfield, CA, 93301
Pet name:
Little Louie
Little  Louie  is  our  special needs  dog!     Born  and  rescued one  year  ago  after  being  rejected  by his  mother and  left in the brutal sun .  We  took  Louie  home  and  nursed  him  through  his  first months.  Today  Louie  is  one  year  and  has  made  great  strides  but  still  needs  a home  that  care  care  and  accommodate his  needs.    Louie  is a  dancer  and  we  think  his  dad  may  have  been  part hyena   because  that  boy  can  jump!!!  Louie  is  environment  and tactile  sensitive  but  is  learning  how  to  accept  cuddles !  
There  is  no  complete  diagnosis on Louie  but the  vet  feels  there  is  a neurological impairment  which  effects  his  sight (depth perception) , balance and  perception  of  his  immediate  space.  Louies  forever  home  must  be  safe  for  his activity  and  lack  of self-protectiveness.  Louie  sees  the vet  on  a yearly  basis  ...  everything  seems  a go  health-wise.   He  appears  to be  seizure free  and is no longer on medication .  Louie loves  other  dogs  but  because  of  his  worldly  deficits   we  suggest  he  not be in a home  with  a larger  dog  unless  very, very mellow.  Louie  is  paper  trained  but  sometimes  misses  the  target  because  of his  sight.  He  uses  the  bathroom  outside on a regular basis.  He  is create trained  and  sleeps  in a  crate at night.  
Safety  first  for Little  Louie.....  to date  his  biggest  accomplishment is  conquering the stairs.  He  now  uses  stairs......  to  some  of  us  its  just a  stair  but  to Little  Louie  it  is  Mt. Everest!!!!  Louie  is  patiently  awaiting  the right  home  that can  serve and  protect  him.  His  adoption fee is $250 which includes  neuter,  current shots  and microchip.  Home  visit is  required


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