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In shelter Dog

Chicago, IL, 60654
Pet name:
In order to alleviate the need to bring an animal into the shelter environment, The Anti-Cruelty Society has the Home-to-Home Shelter Bypass service to help people find new accommodations for their pets privately. These animals are not located in any of the Societys physical locations. If you are interested in adopting this animal please do NOT click the Adopt Me button and instead reach out to the current owner directly via the email provided in the profile. As this is a Home-to-Home animal you are not required to fill out an Anti-Cruelty Society adoption application form. Georgie and Harpo are a bonded pair of Chihuahua mixes that were rescued from Texas where they had been living with four other dogs. They did not have leash training when they were young and still do not like to be leashed and prefer to run around in the back yard exploring and playing. They have not been around children or other dogs so it is uncertain how they would react. They are both very enthusiastic and bouncy when I come home from work; Georgie is like a little pogo stick, jumping straight up in the air when he greets me. Harpo is very loving but tends to hang back a bit since Georgie is the more dominant personality. Harpo also loves to sit either on my lap or beside and be petted for hours at a time! Georgie is very motivated by food and does "the happy dance" when he knows it is mealtime. He is a super fast eater! Harpo is a littler more thoughtful and reserved than Georgie- although when the play out in the yard, Harpo definitely can hold his own! Harpo also loves to sit either on my lap or beside and be petted for hours at a time. I love them both so much, but I will be moving into a condo so I must find a new home for them, I would really like them to stay together if possible. A home with a fenced backyard to explore and roam around in has worked for me and would be ideal for their new home. Cheryl OReilly