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In shelter Dog

New York, NY, 10002
Pet name:
Brown / Chocolate
Roscoe is about 7 years old, 16lbs of muscle, chihuahua mix. He has adjusted very well during his time in both Woodhaven, Queens and Harlem. Roscoe enjoys running around on the grass at the park, he loves his treats, and playing the cat and mouse game in the apartment when hes in a playful mood. He is doing well understanding holding a sit and working on other obedience training. During his time with his foster family, he seems to be house-trained. Roscoe is still working on his leash skills. He can get a little overwhelmed and anxious in crowded environments, or if theres loud truck and motorcycle sounds happening. He is slowly gaining more confidence in these situations through slow, positive exposures.

Roscoe is a cute, silly, smart pup with a lot of personality. His forever family will need to continue working with Roscoe to reinforce and advance the progress hes been making. Roscoe has done extremely well in his crate during the day. He loves to be cozy with his foster family. He doesnt have a favorite toy right now, but we are still exploring play and will get there soon enough.

Roscoe is looking for a quiet, low key family. He appreciates downtime and a little bit of active moments as well.

He would do well in a single dog house hold preferably, but can also do well with a dog around his age that is calm, soft in their approach, and/or dog neutral. He is currently living with a female German Shepherd, a male Pomeranian, and a male pit/lab mix. Once in a while, and only for a short period of time, he has moments of play with the Pomeranian, but he mostly likes to scratch his back on the floor, and explore around the apartment on his own. He likes to stay close to his caretakers as well.

We would recommend Roscoe go to a home with no children, as he takes time to build trust and feel comfortable with people. Children would be something scary and too unpredictable for Roscoe.

Roscoe needs a family that is committed to working with his trainer and continuing his progress. Roscoe can display a high level of anxiety in crowded situations, so ideally a home outside the city would be best with low foot traffic. He bonds strongly with one person so if multiple people in the home he will need all members to take an equal role of his caretaker.

Vaccinated for rabies and DA2PP. Neutered, heartworm negative, and microchipped. Dental done 2/15/22.

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