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Ramona, CA, 92065
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Meet Milton!

Milton and Mollie found themselves at Victor Valley Animal Protective League after their mom passed away. They are friendly, quiet, house trained, and have been tested with all the things from kids to cats to dogs and even chickens! 11-year-old Mollie and 8-year-old Milton clearly love each other very much, and we want to find these sweeties a home together, just as their mom wished.

Mollie and Milton recently went on a two-week Frosted Fling, and their Fling Family had nothing but the kindest words about them: "Mollie and Milton were completely comfortable with my four children with ages ranging from 11 months to 12 years old. They were so patient with the baby when he wanted to pet them. They loved to snuggle with all my girls. When it was bedtime, Milton wanted to sleep in bed with my husband and I. Mollie would sleep in the bed if we lifted her up, but she also liked sleeping in her dog bed by our bed, or even downstairs on the couch. Mollie and Milton were immediately fine with our two resident dogs.

They both walk beautifully on the leash. Milton gets excited when he sees the leash come out. If youre sitting down, Milton will be stretched out, snuggled in right next to you. He loves to cuddle. He can easily get up on the couch or bed by jumping. Mollie loves to nap. Shell find a dog bed, pillow, or a piece of couch to curl up in a ball and snooze. She will on occasion snuggle up next to a person. She loves to be pet. Both dogs are super chill.

Mollie and Milton are a dream pair. They are super calm, loving, easily adaptable, and they didnt pee in the house! This was our first Frosted Fling so we were nervous about it, but Mollie and Milton made it so incredibly easy and fit right in. They would make an absolutely wonderful addition to ANY family."

Milton and Mollie are currently living in a Foster home, and not surprisingly, they are earning rave reviews again! Their Foster Family shares, " Mollie is a complete sweetheart. Shes pretty docile, loves to take naps, bask, and lights up when were about to go for a walk. Milton loves to cuddle. He has a funny quirk where he loves being under surfaces (chairs, beds, tables). We have dubbed under the bed, Miltons lair. They did really well in our quick camping trip. They were able to sleep in a tent, hike 3 miles, and did well relaxing at the campsite.

Milton and Mollie are a dream pair! They are both very well-behaved, potty-trained, and easy-going. They are both surprisingly good runners, but they are also ok with relaxing on the couch all day. They like to be nearby when working from home. They are both good eaters, and we were able to transition them to a kibble diet. They LOVE walks, and they are both learning how to sit."

What more could you possibly want in your canine best friends? To make this super sweet duo part of your family, please fill out our Placement Questionnaire at:

To make this super sweet duo part of your family, please fill out our Placement Questionnaire at:

Learn more about our programs at: No adoption fees, and we provide free, lifetime medical care at FFF Veterinary Hospital!


Updated: 10/3/22


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