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In shelter Dog

Scarborough, ON, M1N 1N4
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Angel is the sweetest little guy, in the 8 pound range. Hes a tall boy though, having long legs, with a small body.  

He found himself in a Canadian shelter when he was picked up as a stray. He was clearly quite neglected, as his nails were so overgrown and he looked as though times were tough.

In the shelter the staff couldnt get near him or even touch him.  He huddled in the corner and shook uncontrollably all day.

They put a plea out in hopes a rescue could take him on.  Matties Place agreed to welcome him into our foster program.

Angel was a completely different dog outside of the shelter.

He was bright and alert and engaging.  He settled right into his foster home as though hed always been there.

We are unsure of his age, but presumably 8-10 years

August 15th he had a dental completed and some of his teeth removed and he has been feeling fine and fresh since then.  Hes likely in the 8 year range.

Angel is in foster care with other dogs and does just fine.  

Because of his small size, we will not place him in a home with kids 13 or under.  

He would do best with a work from home scenario of take your dog to work.  He doesnt exhibit separation anxiety, but he loves the presence of his people and would do best to have someone to spend his days with, rather than being left home alone day after day, waiting on his person to return.

He is not cat tested, but presumably an easy enough going dog that hed be fine with a dog savvy cat in the home.

He did mark on arrival into foster care, but he was also unneutered.  We will send him home with a belly band, in case he wants to mark in his new home for a few days, which is not unusual for new male dogs in a new space.

Angel is just an all around really great dog that deserves to have a person to call his own.  Is that you?


Over the last few weeks, Angel has come so far! He takes his time getting comfortable and trusting new humans as well as new environments but once he does, he is such a sweet guy. 

He is a bit of a Velcro dog and wants to be with you all the time but is still Mr Independent. He will follow you from room to room and want to be near his people but at his own comfort level (laying beside you rather than on you, etc)

He gets along great with our 3 other dogs and pays zero attention to our cat

He is crate trained and sleeps in it at night with the door open. He’s very content to stay in it all night long. It’s his safe haven. He will come have a snuggle in the bed at night, but once he’s ready to go to sleep, he’ll put himself to bed in his crate.

He’s comfortable on a leash and a really good walker who always pees and poops and isn’t bothered by other dogs or humans out for walks. 

As of today, though our protocols could change tomorrow, we are still moving forward with adoptions. Our process has changed from some of the previous elements: We are a registered animal welfare organization, so we are deemed an essential service. All paperwork completed online, video home visits, meet and greets outside respecting social distancing, leashes/collars/supplies wiped down and disinfected (GermiCide 3 wipes), disinfectant on the dog prior to handoff (Aqueos wipes for dogs)

To note: the above description is relevant to this dog in his current & previous setting. Home changes & adopter personalities can bring out different behaviours not previously seen. We also do not claim, endorse, suggest or hint at, that any of our dogs are hypoallergenic, low shed or no-shed.


Adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, deworming, defleaing, Core vaccines & rabies, dog food, nose to tail health exam, toys, collar & leash, food & water dishes, poop bags, Go home preventative based on season and a custom engraved dog tag