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In shelter Dog

Twinsburg, OH, 44087
Pet name:
Carmel, 1 years old, neutered male, Chihuahua/terrier mix, 24 lbs. He is in a foster home in Houston, Texas and can transport to an approved adopter. 

This adorable guy found himself on the euthanasia list at an overcrowded shelter in Texas. He was part of a large scale neglect case where they did not have consistent food and water. He was initially a little reserved when he first arrived to his foster home. He has since really blossomed. 

He shares a home with 4 other dogs- big and little. He was a little apprehensive with larger dogs at first. He is now great with both the large dogs- 75 and 95 pounds.

He can be very energetic. If the pack is playing so is he. But he is also always laying by his foster moms feet or puts himself in his crate while she is busy working.

He is learning to play. He plays too rough with the 20 pound female dog but she throws out some corrections and he responds well. He plays great with Kody, another medium sized male dog.  He hasn’t had any negative reactions on a leash when seeing other dogs. 

We have no history with cats. He shares a home with a 10 year old child. We think a home kids 10 and older is great for him. He is skittish of fast movements and loud noises. 

He walks okay on leash. Initially, he was slightly scared to walk on leash. Due to the high temps in Texas, he has not done much leash work. He has been able to do some work, but will need a patient home to continue working with him. 

He is house broken. He often goes into his crate on his own with the door open when foster mom is in her home office.  He is a little more stubborn at night but I have him in my office with another foster. He would howl when he was crated alone but I have had no issues with him at night once her started sharing a crate with his foster brother. They both choose to sleep in it together- I did not make them. He is crated when unsupervised as he does like to chew on things. 

Carmel is still weary of people in general. He is not aggressive in any way, but will bark to let you know he is uncomfortable. 

He does need to be fed separate from other dogs.  He has not been aggressive to humans over food. But he is excited when he knows food is around. He circles and jumps and gets under your feet. He is also fed with a slow feeder. 

He does share toys well when outside with the other dogs. 

Carmel is super loveable and really wants to trust humans. He needs a home that will be patient and not have many people coming and going. He gets along great with other dogs and we think he would do best with another dog in the home. He will take a little while up to warm up to you. He is so sweet when he does though. He rides great in the car and loves to snuggle. 

*Listed BREED and AGE - We are taking our best guess & recommendations from our veterinarian on age, breed and size when fully grown. We rarely know a dogs exact age nor are we able to tell the true or full breed mix of dogs as our information is limited most of the time. ***

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