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Beckett ~ ON HOLD   

In shelter Dog

Youngstown, OH, 44513
Pet name:
Beckett ~ ON HOLD
Brown / Chocolate
Meet Beckett!!\xa0 Approx 5 years old and 10 lbs.

LIKES:\xa0 Beckett is pretty much a happy go lucky guy. He loves car rides, being outside, going for walks, playing with his beagle brother, playing with the cats.\xa0 Loves getting a bath.\xa0 Can be extremely timid, nervous in new settings.\xa0 Will need to continue to work on building his confidence.

DISLIKES:\xa0 New settings scare him.  New people scare him, hes better with women. Once he is comfortable,\xa0he is easy going.

PERSONALITY:\xa0 Great, outgoing personality once he is comfortable.\xa0 Nervous in new settings.\xa0 If people show kindness, he will crawl right up on their lap for a cuddle. 

TEMPERAMENT:\xa0 Goes with the flow.

ENERGY LEVEL:\xa0 Medium, Loves to play, but also likes to lay on fosters lap or in his bed for a nap.\xa0 Not high strung.

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES:\xa0 Being wherever you are, hes happy.\xa0 Foster has to put his bed near her when shes on the computer...he whines if she doesnt.\xa0 He loves to play with his beagle foster brother, and tries to play with the cats, who are about the size that he is.\xa0 Sometimes the cats will play, sometimes not.\xa0 Loves to be outside roaming around in the fenced in dog yard and laying in the sun.\xa0 Absolutely loves treats. 

FAVORITE TREAT:\xa0 Foster mom gives her dogs chewy Milkbone treats.\xa0 He loves those and gets one whenever he goes out to go potty.

EATING SCHEDULE:\xa0 He gets dry food with a tiny bit of canned food twice a day.\xa0 Once around 9 AM and then 5 PM. 

GOOD WITH CATS, DOGS, KIDS OVER 6?\xa0 Foster mom has cats, other dogs, but no kids.\xa0 She would assume that he would be ok with older long as they respect him.\xa0 

HOUSE TRAINED:\xa0 Foster would say about 85%. He wasnt house-trained when she got him, but hes been working on it.\xa0 She is home all day, so he goes outside about every 2-3 hours.\xa0 He would occasionally mark in the house, but since hes been neutered, that has stopped.

SIGNALS TO GO OUT:\xa0\xa0 No, but as mentioned before, he goes out with the other dogs every 2-3 hours, and he is good with that.

CRATE TRAINED:\xa0 Yes.\xa0 Foster mom keeps him in a crate at night.\xa0 No problems at all.\xa0 No anxiety.\xa0 Doesnt do anything in the crate over night.\xa0 In the morning, hes let out of the crate and goes out to go potty.\xa0 Then, its breakfast time.\xa0 When the foster leaves the house for an extended period of time, she puts Beckett in his crate.\xa0 He has chewed a few things he found, IE dry erase marker, wooden clothespin, computer cord.. so for his own protection when she is not home, he stays in his crate.

CHALLENGES:\xa0 None really besides his anxiety/fear.\xa0 Hes learning every day to be the best dog ever. 

MEDICAL ISSUES:\xa0 None.\xa0 Clean bill of health from the vet.\xa0 He does have a deformed front paw, that is a birth defect.\xa0 He has no problem walking with it at all.\xa0 Doesnt bother him.\xa0 He does have a very slight limp because of the deformity, but it doesnt stop him from playing and running around in the back yard.\xa0 May be a candidate for a joint supplement earlier than later.

THE BEST HOME:\xa0 Beckett would do best in a home with a stable base, where he could get used to a daily routine.\xa0 He would love to have a fur brother or sister to play with.\xa0 Possibly a home where someone is home the biggest part of the day, to continue his potty training and just to cuddle with him! Noisy, active home would not be ideal, so no young kids.

Our adoption process starts with our application. Once the application is approved, a member of Legacy will contact you to set up a home visit. The home visit usually last 1-1 1/2 hours and is to make sure our dog and any current dogs/cats are getting along, as well as both of us agreeing its a fit. At this time the adoption fee is due, and begins the 2 week trial. We will check in during the 2 week trial. If its not working, our dog is returned to the foster home and all except $100.00 {$75 if Senior} of the adoption fee is returned. At the end of the 2 week trial, you decide if you will finalize the adoption - if finalized, the Adoption Contract is signed and all medical records are turned over to you. If at any time you need to rehome the dog it contractually needs to be returned to Legacy Dog Rescue.

Puppies under 6 months:\xa0 $199.00
Adults:\xa0 $150.00
Seniors (over 7 yrs):\xa0 $99.00

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