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In shelter Small or Furry

Wolcott, IN, 47995
Pet name:
Pink White Male Chinchilla -- "Magellan"
Born October 16, 2020 -- 1.5 years old

**Magellan is now being fostered in Auburn, IN, and can be adopted directly from the adopter, or brought back to our rescue to be adopted, depending on adopters preference**

Curious boy
Likes to check everything out
Will come up to the front of the cage to see what youre doing
Very sweet boy
Sometimes takes a little effort to pick up
Not a couch potato
Likes to explore
Will chill with you for short periods of time
Would much rather explore than cuddle

The foster has reported this info about this chinchilla -- "Magellan has been pretty relaxed.  Ive let them out for playtime, they enjoyed playtime until Magellan got out [of the playpen] and ran around the chin room.  Magellan is always ready to explore (obviously hes good at it too)!  

I have tried sitting in the room and just talking to them while theyre in the cage and I even tried putting my hand in the cage for a while at a time to see if theyd come to me and jump in my hand.  They havent done that yet but Magellan will let me approach him and pet him.  Once I an petting his neck he usually grabs my finger and tried to nibble on me.  Its not hard by any means and doesnt bother me, I just think its funny that he grabs my finger and starts chomping away."  

Adoption fee -- $400 cash / $440 Card 

Adoption forms can be found on our website -- 

We offer a 10% discount if paid in CASH.

All of our chinchillas come with a baggie of food to start you out with as well as a printed out version of our chinchilla care packet.

This chinchilla is located in Wolcott, Indiana (47995), about 30 minutes north of Lafayette, IN. We do deliver for $1/mile.

We also sell cages / supplies / accessories for your new furball!

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