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St Petersburg, FL, 33713
Pet name:
Hello! My name is Bubbles, and I am a 2-year-old Green Cheek Conure. I am a sweet, cute, and adventurous little bird.

My favorite thing is to do is crunch on paper. I like to tear up the papers under my play stand, and I have a favorite papery toy. I also like having room to explore. If you open my door in the morning, Ill come out to my play stand on my own. 

Most of the time I like to do things myself, because hands still scare me a bit. With time, however, I will gain more trust with stepping up. I dont bite, so there is no need to use a stick for step up, Im just a bit skittish about it. If you get me to step up on your finger, I will zip-zoom right up to your shoulder. I do love head scritches and sitting on shoulders. When we are calm together, I like to cuddle up against my foster moms neck. It will melt your heart!

If you are doing something interesting like working on a laptop or washing dishes, I may need to come supervise. In my foster home, I like to watch all the antics of the other birds in the house. Who needs Netflix?! I am a little bit aggressive when another bird comes too close to my space, but its possible I may take kindlier to my own species. 

I am currently on a mixed seed/pellet diet. My new family will have to be patient with me as I am adjusting to eating a full-pellet diet. Veggie chop and other healthy snacks are also important every day. The vet gave me a perfectly clean bill of health, and I have lots of years ahead of me.

If you would love to meet me and add an awesome bird to your family, fill out an application below! 

Bubbles would love a "Welcome to Foster" present! You can view his Wishlist at this link:

Foster Location: St Petersburg, Fl

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An avian veterinarian has properly vetted all birds before they are placed up for adoption. Adoption fees include the bird’s cage IF the bird has a cage - most do, but please ask!

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