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In shelter Dog

Los Angeles, CA, 90066
Pet name:
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Coat length:
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BRAM is a very fun, handsome, tri-color Cardigan Welsh Corgi with a tiny bit of Collie, about 9 years old, and around 40 pounds.  He gets along fine with other dogs, but his first love is people--he would like nothing  better than to be your constant companion, although he is also fine being home alone part of the day, patiently waiting to celebrate your  coming home.   

Bram is a buoyant, bouncy, energetic personality, an ebullient, intelligent, joyous boy.  He is not breed standard, is slightly larger, and is the rougher coat variety--not accepted in the show ring (we dont care :o).  Bram is not a candidate for a jogging or hiking partner or a two story home with long staircases, as his legs are simply too short.

Bram is house-trained, non-destructive, neutered, micro-chipped, de-wormed, all vaccinations; med records current.   He is only adoptable to homes in the Southern California area.  

For now Bram is sponsorship only.  He has been undergoing therapy treatments for his back, and uses a cart and a walkabout harness for his rear-end so that hopefully the muscles can be strengthened and he can walk again.
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