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In shelter Dog

Boulder, CO, 80305
Pet name:
Gates is a 2.5MO Dachshund (maybe Shepherd?) Mix weighing about 9lbs. Gates was surrendered to one of our rescue partners in New Mexico with his three other siblings. The family who surrendered them to us said Momma was a Dachshund mix and they didnt know what dad was. Gates and his sibling Barton are noth twice the size of the other two pups. This makes us believe there could have been two dads in the litter. Barton and Gates both weigh about 8lbs, where Sage and Lynah weigh about 5lbs. We would love for their forever families to do breed DNA tests they are always so much fun! We are guessing Barton and Gates will be about 25-35lbs and Sage and Lynah will be about 18-25lbs when full grown. 

Gates has short little legs and a long body, it is hard to capture in pitures. Gates is as sweet as can be and loves to romp around with his siblings and play with toys. He is usually the first to adventure to new places in the yard, but still pretty shy around new people (only for a few minutes). They love belly rubs and to snuggle/burrow. They love all animals, even the fosters big dog. They will follow him around like the annoying little siblings they are. We see these pups going to forever families who are patient, loving, and moderately active. These pups will not be high energy and will not need daily runs/excessive exercise, but will need daily walks and mental stimulation.

If you are interested in adopting Gates or one of his siblings, please fill out our adoption application at


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