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Babo and Bella   

In shelter Dog

San Diego, CA, 92105
Pet name:
Babo and Bella
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
Their story is so sad :( Bella & Babo are 3 years old Dachshund & Australian Cattle sister and brother

They love each other so much. They have been together all their lives. They were adopted when their were 8 weeks old by a family with young kids in a beautiful home and had a great family until the kids started to grow and didnt want to pay attention to the dogs. So the family decided to give them away to the first interested family.

Few months went by and the family decided to go and visit them and they were devastated when they found them chain up, with green filthy water, showing the ribs, and they started to cried because they didnt recognized at first but then they started to smell them and got so happy.

Unfortunately, this family moved away and cannot take them and are asking for a forever loving home for them. We are categorizing them as special needs because they need someone to understand them of what they went through. 

Otherwise, they are healthy, sweet once they get to know you, playful as well when they start to get comfortable. 

We are looking for a foster home as well with the option to adopt them. They have to be adopted together please.

People that knows this breed understand how special they are. I hope that person or family will be you who are reading their story. Please give them a 2nd chance.

Please open your home and hearts to this brother and sister. They have been all their lives together.

Are you ready to give them a forever home? If so, Please text us at 619-576-0747 as 1st type of contact or email or visit our website at and complete our application at the following link: .

If approved, the adoption coordinator will reach out to you to schedule a Meet-and-Greet appointment.

No appointments will be made unless we have received an application; therefore, we can match you with the best fit for you.

Follow us on Instagram @aaofus where you can see more pics. Please allow 48 hours to process applications and respond back to set up appointments. Unfortunately, responses back to those who do not qualify are not possible due to high volume of applications.

Donation Adoption fee includes up-to-date core vaccines DHLPP vaccinations, spaying or neutering, deworming, flea medication, and a complementary health check up by a participating clinic near you.

Please consider adopting them both of these fur babies!

Due to high volume of calls; NO PHONE calls are accepted at this time - therefore, please text us or email us.-


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