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Po (Pony Boy) LM   

In shelter Dog

Austin, TX, 78701
Pet name:
Po (Pony Boy) LM
White / Cream
Po, Pooootato, Poboy, Edgar Allen Po

Like in that St. Bernard movie, Beethoven, you can call me any name youd like and I wont know the difference. Im deaf!! 
Despite my special need, I am a very capable and happy pup ready for my furever family.

My foster mommy thinks I may be a Dalmatian mix. I am tall and lean, buy only weigh a little over 40lbs. Im a great size for any adventure! I am great on leash and in the car too.

I am young and love to play, especially with other dogs. I can come on strong because Im so excited about everything all the time! I cannot hear when a dog doesnt like what Im doing so I would be great with other playful dogs that can be patient with me too. Given my very playful, roughhouse-y nature, cats are a no go for me, unfortunately. Even really small children may catch some paws when I am excited. I am actually very good with children, I am just a jumpy boy and may knock them down.

When its not playtime or adventure time, I am the absolute cuddliest guy around. A clean, not so mean, leaning machine! I curl up tight right next to my humans all night if they will let me. I am also good in a crate but do not like to be crated in a room by myself. I cant hear so being able to see the goings on in the house is very important to me. If you leave for work, the store, or even if you just cant keep an eye on me for a while, the crate is a must. I am a curious guy and tend to get into mischief when no one is paying attention to me. I want to always be the center of attention!

I would be great in a home with other dogs to play with or with someone to keep me active. As long as I have that outlet, I am an easy guy overall...even with my "disability". I cannot wait to show my furever family the immense amount of love and fun I have to share. Hopefully thats you!

Po is enrolled in a specialized training class to become one of those amazing stand out pups!

Local adoption fee is $250 (in TX)
Out of state adoption fee is $500 (includes transport to your area)


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