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Jumping Jack Flash   

In shelter Dog

Lake Stevens, WA, 98258
Pet name:
Jumping Jack Flash
White / Cream
Coat length:
Jumping Jack Flash loves to jump up and give his favorite people a hug.  He is a very good hugger and would appreciate a home that appreciates this about him.  He is a quirky and highly entertaining guy who loves his people and wants to be with them as much as possible.  He is much less fond of other people and would not do well in situations where he has frequent interaction with people outside of his household.  

Jack Flash depends upon his people to keep him safe.  If he doesnt feel safe, he can become anxious and extremely defensive.  We observed this first hand when he arrived, but after a day he seemed to think he was home.  He is getting along well with all of the other dogs in his foster home with the occasional loud conversation.  We think that he will do best in a home with another dog who enjoys playing with him.  Play helps him use his nervous energy in a positive way.   If he doesnt have a dog to play with, he will be happy to have the extra attention from his person.  He can burn up his energy playing ball with you.

Jack Flash has lived with cats in the past and is good with them in the house.  Outside he would like to chase them.   He will need a securely fenced yard.  If he can see your neighbors and their pets from your yard, he will announce their presence loudly.  His leash manners arent great.  He will need a strong handler.  He will do best walking in areas where he doesnt see other people or dogs.

Jack Flash is currently on prescription food and medication for urate stones.  Managing his condition will be a lifelong commitment.  The medication isnt expensive, but the food is.  We supplement his diet with a nightly serving of green beans to add fiber without adding a lot of calories.   He is neutered, current on vaccinations and otherwise in good health.

We realize that Jumping Jack Flash is not going to be a good fit for most homes, but, the home that can accommodate him is going to be blessed with the most loyal, loving and entertaining companion.

We cannot accommodate out of area adoptions.   Our adoption process includes at least one meeting at our location as well as a home visit and trial stay.


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