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In shelter Cat

Bountiful, UT, 84010
Pet name:
Domestic Long Hair

Rusty is one of our special needs boys! He has moderate CH (cerebral hyperplasia) which means he is a bit unsteady on his feet and has balance issues at times.

He would require a low entry, high back and sides litter pan, puppy pads around his box as sometimes his balance challenges can cause him an occasional spill. However, he uses his box & pad faithfully and is a great boy! Rusty has great cat manners!

Rusty is playful with a silly, tiny but mighty attitude. His nails should be kept longer as they do help him balance. He loves lower cat trees and would do best in a carpeted home.

His condition is neurological, it is not degenerative nor does it cause him pain. He just needs some special accommodations and he will repay you with a great amount of love & joy.

Rusty has made friends and loves to play! Hes a sweet boy whos been waiting for a stable home that can stay in communication with us and give updates! He would do fine without other animals or calm ones who will be patient with him while learning to adjust to him. Other special needs cats would be great but he does best with females. He needs a human who can take him on leashed walks, can build him a safe catio or who has a very secure backyard that has time for supervised visits outside. HE LOVES his Supervised outdoor time and hops like a little deer!

Rusty has out of control movements so young children who cant predict them and try to pick him up might get scratched but were easily able to handle him wound-free and he tolerates nail trims well.

He is a curious, intelligent boy who wants to constantly go and explore, but he makes time for cuddles everyday. Rusty is very sweet and deserves all the loves! He will be your fav Netflix buddy! Loves to sleep
Under the blankets too!Access our adoption application at