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Pumpkin (FIV+)   

In shelter Cat

Camano Island, WA, 98282
Pet name:
Pumpkin (FIV+)
Domestic Long Hair
Orange / Red
Coat length:
Hello, my name is Pumpkin. I am a older gentleman who is on the shy side. I get nervous when meeting new people, and have not quite adjusted to shelter life. In my previous home I was a mostly outdoor kitty, I only came inside to eat. However, upon my arrival at the shelter the staff has found that I am FIV+. This changes a lot of things for  me and I may have to adjust my lifestyle. Since I am FIV+ I should only be placed in a home with other FIV+ cats, I also will no longer be able to roam free in the great outdoors. I would love a catio or enclosure where I can still get a taste of freedom. I am a very gentle guy, and once you get to know me and I get used to my surrounding I will become much more confident. If you think you might be able to give me a great retirement home, stop by the shelter and visit with me. Although FIV+ sounds scary I can live a normal. healthy cat life with proper care. 

FIV+ Cat requirements. 
- Indoor only home
- requires regular dental care and prompt cleanings as needed
- quality diet and low stress home (lots of catnip and play time)

The main things you need to know is that FIV+ cats can live long happy lives as long as they are well cared for and get vet treatment promptly when needed. There are key things you can do for your FIV+ cat to ensure they have the best chance at an otherwise healthy life.