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Muppet & Polo   

In shelter Cat

Milwaukee, WI, 53210
Pet name:
Muppet & Polo
Domestic Long Hair
Orange & White
These two FIV + boys are looking for their forever homes together.  

Polo came to Almost Home MKE in the cold Wisconsin winter.  He was found in a live trap while searching for a lost house cat.  Little did Polo know; he was about to become a house cat himself!  It was discovered that Polo was FIV+.  

Muppet came to Almost Home from another local shelter.  Muppet had to put on a hard exterior as a former barn kitty to survive.  After testing positive for FIV, Muppet could not be released back into a barn program and was left with very few options. 

After much-needed love, Polo was integrated in with Muppet and the two immediately bonded. They are best buddies and enjoy each others company.  

Polo loves kisses and playtime!  He has a beautiful brown tabby coat and is a cuddly guy.  His little crossed eyes are adorable and will pull at your heartstrings. 
Muppet has a soft and beautiful orange coat.  He is a little on the shy side, but he does enjoy treats and playtime.  

Almost home MKE is giving the boys a second lease on life and has found each a new best friend. We can’t wait to find Muppet and Polo a forever home.

Muppet and Polo will have to be in a household with no other cats.  Unless the other cats are also FIV+

Almost Home Cat Rescue MKE is working to find a brick-and-mortar shelter space.  In the meantime, we operate entirely out of foster homes in the Greater MKE Area.  Adopters with approved adoption application are then able to set meet and greets and move forward with adoption dates.