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In shelter Cat

Cedar Rapids, IA, 52405
Pet name:
Domestic Medium Hair
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.

Have you ever gotten overwhelmed when searching for a new pet for your family, and at some point you just wanna consider narrowing it down by pointing at a group of adorable animals and saying... Eenie, Meenie, Miney Moe?

Well - look no further! Last Hope Animal Rescue has narrowed that search for you with our very own
MEENIE (adopted)

This adorable litter of kittens and their mama had been living under a small shed on a gas station property on a very busy intersection with customers coming and going all the time. One very rainy evening, a LHAR foster moms husband stopped to buy a lottery ticket and he

called her right away when he saw the kittens. When he went inside, he started talking to cashier and learned the mama cat been living there for a few years under the shed and had given birth to several litters; they would always feed whatever cats came around which is why she probably hung around. When our foster gal arrived, the manager was happy to allow her to catch them, so she g

ot busy and managed to catch mama and 3 of the kittens that same rainy, cold, wet night, and luckily was able to catch the 4th one the following day.

They were all a bit scared after being caught, but mama seemed to trust her new human friend, which made it easier for the kittens to trust her, too. In a short period of time, they blossomed into sweet, lovable purr-bugs and are your typical wild and crazy kittens who are full of vim and vigor!

It was fun to realize they each had a different fur coat, as many times a whole litter can look so much alike you cant tell them apart!
Eenie is our solid black boy,

Miney is a beautiful Black and white girl with really cool markings,
Moe is a handsome Red Tabby boy!
We noticed right away that Moe had something wrong with his right eye and was immediately taken to the vet; he had an ulcer which desperately needed medical attention. thankfully the medication given to him by two different veterinarians helped it heal, but his eye may always have a different look to it even though weve been told he can see just fine.

Their guesstimated birthdate is 3/24/22, so they are right at 5 months old now. Eenie has grown into a rather LARGE boy already - so if you LOVE a big black cat who will spend his day lazily snuggling on your lap for as long as you will let him, EENIE may be the PURRFECT cat for you! Seriously, he spent way over an hour sleeping in his foster moms arms on her lap during our adoption event in the CF Fleet Farm store, and with all the commotion going on, he hardly even moved - except when he was dreaming... then his little feet would wiggle, his whiskers twitch, and his tail would move - but it was so adorable!

They have all been completely vetted: girls are spayed and boys have been neutered, they have had their FVRCP vaccinations and their rabies vaccination, their mama tested NEG/NEG for both Feline Leukemia and FIV and when the kittens were tested individually for FeLK, they were all negative as well. They have been treated for internal and external parasites with Revolution and they are microchipped!

Their adoption fee is $100 each.
However, kittens are ALWAYS best adopted in pairs so they have a playmate of their own age to rough and tumble with as well as some quality snuggle time. A single kitten can get into a lot of trouble with no other animals in the home to keep them busy :)
"Until there are none, please adopt one; So they arent blue, why not adopt two?"

When you adopt a pair together, LHAR will give you a $25 discount, too!

They were fostered in a home in Waterloo, IA You can apply for them online through the Last Hope Animal Rescue website at

Last Hope requires all animals in the adoptive home be altered, current on vaccinations and be kept as indoor pets only.


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