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In shelter Cat

Austin, TX, 78704
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Brown / Chocolate
Beautiful, Timid, Frisky

Purrloin is a gorgeous cat with wild kitten energy. He has a striking tabby coat and such beautiful, endearing eyes. Before coming to APA!, Purrloin was a barn kitten, growing up in the great outdoors. Hes still getting used to living inside with us two-legged creatures, but hes full of potential to become a wonderful, lively companion!

Because hes not used to being in a home, Purrloin is still very fearful and cautious. Hes not a fan of people in his personal space yet, so hell need a patient home where hes allowed to come out of his shell at his own pace. 

In his foster home, Purrloin is already becoming more comfortable with people! He currently allows for brief head rubs in exchange for a treat. His foster parent is working hard to help him feel more at ease getting pets and being held.

While he may not want you to pet him yet, Purrloin is up for playtime! He likes to play with yarn and other dangly toys that allow him to keep some distance from you. Hes definitely still holding back around people though--as soon as you leave the room, youll hear him transform into a tornado of energy on the other side of the door! He is a wild play machine when he thinks the humans cant see him. Once hes more used to people, we suspect hell be playing all the time!

Aside from the sounds of racing, jumping, and pouncing when hes playing in the next room, Purrloin is a mostly quiet kitty right now. He only meows after hes gone to the litter box--Were not sure if hes alerting the humans that theres something ready to be scooped, or if hes simply proclaiming that hes gone to the bathroom. 

Purrloin is very curious about the resident cat in his foster home and likes to play with him by pawing underneath the door. While the two cats are still getting to know each other, we suspect that Purrloin would do well in a home with other cats. 

Purrloin would love a quiet, loving home with people who can patiently help him learn about the joys of being an indoor cat. With time and lots of love, were sure Purrloin will blossom into the playful kitten hidden underneath his scaredy-cat shell.

All APA! cats are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and have updated vaccines and a microchip. Lifetime support is offered by our Cat Behavior Team.

For further information or to meet Purrloin, please email