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In shelter Cat

Austin, TX, 78704
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Orange / Red
Tentative, Inquisitive, Ridiculously Cute

Tom is tentative and calm, but eager to interact with people he trusts! Hes a bit playful and curious and loves to stare out the window to watch cat tv. He is gently and sweet. He has a perfect little smile on his face to go with his super pink nose. He has the usual tabby markings except for the cheetah spots on his belly. He likes to roll on his back and show off his belly and adorable little spots! He usually runs over for pets if you tap the ground.

Hes cautious and new to affection, but hes eager for pets and does a cute little elevator butt. He purrs really hard even being next to someone. He has a tiny cute trill when hes confused or calling for his brother.

Tom was found by a rescue in Kerrville and came to Austin with his brother -- he was super scared and hissy at first. But after a few weeks, Tom has warmed up so much and is happy to receive pets from people. Hes come so far in a short amount of time, but is still a scared of sudden movements and loud noises. 

After all theyve been through together, Tom really does feel more confident with his brother, Benny ( A quieter home with a patient adopter would be really perfect for him. He doesnt need a lot of room, he doesnt need a lot of toys, he just needs a quiet home to become comfortable with people. He is sure to be absolutely loving and adoring given a little time! He would also love a furry playmate, maybe his brother Benny (110837)!

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