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In shelter Cat

Avon, OH, 44011
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Luca - Neutered Male.  Approximate DOB is 6/4/2021  Luca is current on his vaccines and is tested for Feline Aids (FIV)  and Feline Leukemia (FELV) and is NEGATIVE. He is a SH Black.  Luca was originally found along a local street all alone.  He was adopted last fall and returned in August 2022. He was in a home with young children who were just too much for him.  He is a petite guy, not very big at all!  He is sweet and social and playful boy!  Luca would do best as an only kitty.  He is looking for a loving home.  He will need time to adjust to a new home from shelter life. If you would like to meet Luca, please complete a pre-adoption application found on our website at

Information about Luca from his former Family is as follows:
He is affectionate in that he will rub on your ankles, and tap you with a paw while you’re working. He is content to sleep or settle in a nearby bed or cozy spot made for him. When you pet him, he might shrink a little, so he can first give you a sniff and a lick. He does gentle nibbles and plenty of licks.

When my alarm went off he would meow and circle next to the bed and once he even came up and licked my cheek to wake me.

If you pick Luca up he is comfortable with gentle holding and petting.

Even if kids and sudden noises startle him, he has never scratched or bitten in a bad way. He was always gentle with the kids, and opted to run or hide if they exceeded his comfort levels of noise or movement.

Luca loves to play with teasers, lasers, and a ping pong ball which he will chase all over.

He is not a confident jumper and has never gotten onto counters or anything higher than a chair.

 I believe Luca would thrive in a home without small loud children - because loud noise and motion of younger kids make him nervous.

He is an adorably quirky kitty. He is a tad clumsy, but he is a sweet boy who is happy to be near you and is likely to follow you throughout the day. 

He is a fan of his cat nip avocado toy on the wall.

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