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In shelter Cat

Bolton, ON, L7E 1P9
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Gray & White
Coat length:
Meet Nole,

Nole is an 8 year old boy who loves to spend his time lounging around. Since Nole has entered foster care, he has become a really affectionate cat. At bedtime he will follow his foster mom around and when she heads to the bedroom to lay down for the night, Nole runs as fast as he can to join her in bed. He will sleep beside her at the top of the bed and they will cuddle for the night but sometimes Nole likes to sleep at the foot of the bed.  When his foster mom is home, Nole will walk around, find and follow his mom,  meow to ask for attention, which of course he gets!! Nole has the loudest, most comforting purr when hes getting attention or cuddling. He really is a sucker for love and attention!!

When Nole is left alone, he is an angel, he doesn’t get into any trouble or cause any issues. His foster mom says “when I leave, he’s usually in the same spot he was when I left”
Because Nole is an older cat he doesn’t enjoy the energy of young children or young kittens. Nole is great with other cats provided they are a bit older and relaxed rather then a hyper kitten. Nole currently lives with a 5 &  2 year old cat who are relaxed and not filled with too much energy. Nole lives with his foster and 2 of her friends and Nole loves attention from them but he is almost always with his foster mom

Nole is on a strict diet of C/D food which can be bought at any vet clinic

Any adoption inquires for Nole please email us at he is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, neutered, dewormed.


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