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Wendell in Colorado *bonded with Steve   

In shelter Cat

Boulder, CO, 80301
Pet name:
Wendell in Colorado *bonded with Steve
Domestic Short Hair
Buff & White
Coat length:
Meet Wendell and Steve in Colorado!!!!

This bonded senior pair of amazing old cats came to us a few weeks ago from a vet clinic in Alabama, and we have been enjoying getting to know them. They have been exploring the Old Dogs New Digs Farmhouse, and have been enjoying each others company immensely, so we have decided that we want to find them a forever home together??. 

Wendell is around 10 yrs old and is an adorable orange tiger tripod kitty. We are not sure how or why he lost his back leg, but we are impressed with how well he gets around.  He even jumps up on his cat tree and his high little perch with no problems. After getting comfortable with people he is super affectionate and loving, and is so much fun to be around. 

Steve is around 10-12 years old and is a very handsome black cat. He looks like a gorgeous, sleek panther and has the cutest unique face. He doesn’t have any teeth, and he makes the funniest meow that sounds like “meep”?. Steve gets a lot of comfort from being around his friend Wendell, so they will often be found sitting right next to each other. Once Steve gets comfortable he can be quite playful, and loves chasing string toys and running through tunnels. He is an amazing old cat!

If you are interested in learning more about Steve and Wendell please email us at or you can fill out our online cat adoption survey:


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