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Sir Harvey and Woodstock   

In shelter Cat

Dallas, TX, 75206
Pet name:
Sir Harvey and Woodstock
Domestic Short Hair
Gray & White
Coat length:
Meet Sir Harvey and Woodstock!

Are you looking for a sweet inseparable pair? Look no further.\xa0 These two are energetic and affectionate.\xa0 They enjoy playing and snuggling together and spend most of their time together. They meet in their foster home after Sir Harvey was rescued from a West Texas Shelter.\xa0 The 2 become the best of friends and are inseparable.\xa0

Sir Harvey has markings similar to a Turkish Van.\xa0 \xa0He has an all white body with colored tails and patches on his head.\xa0 He is super sweet and gentle.\xa0 His bff Woodstock is a beautiful silver tabby. Woodstock is energetic and affectionate.\xa0 Both enjoy interactive playtime and play hard.\xa0They enjoy attention and lots of pets when taking a break from playtime.\xa0\xa0

Sir Harveys estimated DOB is 7/11/18
Woodstocks estimated DOB is 1/15/19

Sir Harvey is FIV+.\xa0 What does that mean?\xa0A cat who tests positive for FIV will usually still have a strong immune system for several years after infection, it is only over time that the effects of the virus may start to show, and even then, most infections can be treated with the appropriate medications. With love and good care however, many FIV+ cats can live normal lifespans. These days, it’s not unusual to find FIV+ cats reaching 15 years or more.\xa0

FIV is transmitted to other felines primarily through deep, penetrating bite wounds.\xa0 Casual contact of cats living in the same household does not spread the virus.\xa0\xa0There seems no reason, therefore, not to have friendly FIV positive and negative cats in the same household.

Our adoption fees are $125 for one, $200 for 2, and cover the spay/neuter, age-appropriate shots, microchip, combo test, deworming, and collar and ID tag.\xa0

We require our adopters are 21 years old or older, keep the cat inside only (unless on a leash/harness or in a catio), and do not declaw.


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