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In shelter Cat

Eureka, MO, 63025
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Black & White / Tuxedo
As the runt of his litter, Little (Lil) Lucky makes up for his size with his personality. Lil Lucky is a huge people person, who would rather spend his days with you than other animals. Often, when one cant find him, you merely need to call out his name and he will pop out of wherever he is, coming straight to you chatting the whole way. If he isnt sleeping on a cat stand, it is for sure he is within arms length of someone enjoying being in their presence. Lil Lucky loves to sleep in your lap, against your legs, on your chest and if not on you in some form, expect him to be chilling right behind you as close as he can get. Any brushing is fine with Lil Lucky, as well as any form of touching him gently. He often enjoys being kissed, rubbed, and simply being carried around the house content in your arms.

Lucky will need
to be in a dog-free home. Even though hes grown up in an environment with two dogs, it appears that he does not like being around other dogs.
I also believe that Lucky would be best in a single cat household, unless hes adopted out with his brother Mellow.

Being the runt of the litter, and bottle fed for such a long time, he likes to be the center of attention and being right next to you.
While not a huge talker, Lil Lucky is a huge purr machine who starts going mile a minute when someone he trusts merely looks at them. Lil Lucky enjoys a variety of toys but is found of fuzzy ball toys and feathers to play with when he is in the mood the play and not wanting to cuddle. Lil Lucky may need some little time and quiet before he warms up but once he does, you have a loyal companion for life!
DOB: 4/5/22

Our adoption application can be found here:
Instagram: @stlcatnetwork
To learn more, please contact us at or text/call the PURR line at 636-386-7877 (text preferred).


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