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Sapphire and Yukon   

In shelter Cat

Evanston, IL, 60202
Pet name:
Sapphire and Yukon
Domestic Short Hair
Do you have a soft spot for the cats who others will  overlook? Maybe you’re looking to adopt kitties who need you as much as you need them? If this describes you we hope you’ll take a moment to read about Yukon and Sapphire.\xa0

This sweet, comical, misfit pair are curious, playful, brave and resilient. They’re also shy around people and will need someone patient. Yukon is the orange and white male and an adventurer. He enjoys exploring his foster home, naps sprawled on the couch and of course racing down the hallway with Sapphire. 

Sapphire is a stunning long haired calico with one eye. She is more outgoing than her other half, has a favorite chair in the living room and will come yell at you in bed when you try to sleep past your alarm. She loves her food!\xa0

Yukon and Sapphire are very comfortable in their foster home. They gallop down the hallway, wrestle and play. They sleep on the furniture and get excited for mealtime. To them it’s as much their home as it is their foster parents, who are actually paying rent.  

Yukon and Sapphire are wonderful and will make great companions for the right person/people. If you think you could be that forever home and family they so need submit an application or give us a call to chat further 773-402-9838

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