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Poe and Pearl   

In shelter Cat

Fredericton, NB, E3B 1K8
Pet name:
Poe and Pearl
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Meet Poe and Pearl! This sibling pair, born in June 2020, is looking for their forever home.

Pearl is a sweet little lady with a white spot on her chest- just like her mom! She is inquisitive, very playful, and knows how to entertain herself. She is very cautious when meeting new people but is learning to trust more every day. While Pearl is quite independent and cautious, she has come a long way! She has learned to enjoy human attention, but it has to be on her terms. She does not like being held but does love having her head scratched and enjoys having her belly rubbed. Pearl spends most of her nights at the foot of her foster’s bed. Pearl’s absolute favourite past time is playing with string and any toys she can get a hold of! She even carries her toys around the house in her mouth, like her latest catch! Her all time favourite toy is her stuffed owl, which she has been known to carry around in her mouth. Pearl adores Luv treats, and likes to spend her lazy days sleeping under the table on the chair in her foster home. Pearl and her brother Poe are very close; they always eat, sleep and get into mischievous together!

Poe is a handsome, solid black cat who is known for being a sweet, sensitive boy. He has made a lot of progress in foster care and has become a very affectionate. While he loves to adventure, he has started following his foster around, looking for his favourite kind of attention – head and neck scratches, as well as tummy rubs. Since gaining some confidence, Poe has become a bit chattier, and will let his foster know when it’s time for food. Speaking of eating, Poe has been known to try and steal food, but he’s working on improving his manners. He is very close to his sister, and always sleeps and eats with her. Poe loves playing rope and enjoys lots of play stimulation (by himself or with his sister). Once he is comfortable with his environment, Poe will eat treats slowly out of your hand! Poe seems to take life fairly seriously and is searching for a forever home where he can relax with his sister. 

Poe and Pearl would do best in a quiet home without children or dogs. They would be fine in a home with other cats to spend time with.

If you are interested in adopting Poe and Pearl, please contact us at 

As of May 1, 2022, the adoption donations will be:

- one adult cat at PetSmart $100
- one adult cat in regular foster care $125 and two for $200
- one kitten $150 and two for $250
- one adult and one kitten $225

(For our purposes, we are considering kitten as being under one year of age)


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