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In shelter Cat

Grand Rapids, MI, 49509
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
My name is Doogie and I need a home!

‘Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.’ 
~Doogie, 2021

Wait that sounds familiar. Ok I didn’t say it. Dr Seuss did. But I’m a cat so plagiarism rules don’t apply to me. 

Adjectives that describe me:
DGAF attitude 

Adjectives that do not describe me:

The other day I spilled a volunteer’s coffee and frantically drank it before they could clean it. 
I yanked the bird feeder down and tried to empty it before anyone noticed.
I jumped into the donation bin and punctured several holes into a new bag of food.

I’d like to add I had accomplished all of these things before noon. Most cats haven’t even gotten out of bed by that time. I’m an over achiever. In fact, the last cat who matched my naughtiness level was Mikey, whose photo is in a frame on the wall. Apparently he was a favorite cat despite his crazy nature. 

I’ve been pushing the boundaries here. Like darting through open doors, terrorizing cats who don’t match my activity level, and evading volunteers who try to wrangle me when it’s ‘bedtime’. Apparently there aren’t any boundaries here that would cause eviction. Because I’m still here. 

I need a home that finds naughty to be endearing. A place where I can race around at lightning speed. A place where I can eat special food for my sensitive tummy….so I don’t have poo-splosions. They feed me Fresh Pet here, which I like to cover in cat litter so they’ll give me something else. I also am doing ok with a limited ingredient dry kibble. My new home would need to understand my dietary needs. 

Anyway. Please help me find a home by sharing my post. I’m available for adoption and the staff here says I’m making it hard on them because they take care of like 125 cats and they’re tired. I know they love me. But they’d love seeing me leave out the front door to an amazing home more than anything. BTW I was originally rescued from a highway ramp. I intend to live my other 8 lives in a state of complete unapologetic abandon!!! 

 Doogie is only about 1 year old and he is located in Byron Center MI 49315 and we only do adoptions within MI 
- - - All of our cats/kittens are spayed or neutered, tested for FeLV/FIV, vaccinated against Distemper, and treated for fleas and other parasites. If you want to meet a specific kitty, please inquire with us before attending an adoption event, so we can make every effort to have the requested kitties available! 
--- Adoption center is located at 7962 CLYDE PARK SW, BYRON CENTER MI 49315. Our shelter is open by appointment only. Applications must be submitted and approved before appointments will be set. Applications can be completed at Our adoption fee is Kittens through 6 months $125 or 2 for $200; Kitties over 6 months $100 or 2 for $150.


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