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Jelly Bean   

In shelter Cat

Green Valley, AZ, 85614
Pet name:
Jelly Bean
Domestic Short Hair
Buff & White
Coat length:
Jelly Bean
Male Shorthaired Buff and White
Est. Age on arrival (4/30/11) - 6 months

Eleven years! That’s how long I’ve been waiting for a home of my own! Because I hated living with other cats, I had that unacceptable “bad behavior” and no one was willing to take a chance that I’d be OK in a home. Well, a wonderful foster mom DID take that chance, and I’ve been a perfectly behaved, loving companion to her. I’m chatty, playful (I still get the “zoomies”), and while she’s turning off the TV and lights at night, I go wait for her in bed so we can snuggle down together. She’s sad that she can’t keep me forever, so she’d love to introduce you to me and tell you lots more about what a great transformation a real home has made in me! 

Bio updated July 2021/lsm

The Animal League of Green Valley does not allow declawing. The volunteers will show you how  to trim claws and/or apply Soft Paws. If you insist on having a declawed cat, please look for a  cat that has been previously declawed.
To view additional animals and find out more about The Animal League of Green Valley, visit our website at or call (520) 625-3170 between 10 am and 2 pm Monday though Sunday.
Animal League of Green Valley (520) 625-3170


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