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Podcast, a lap-cat who's all over you, all about you, & THAT into you!   

In shelter Cat

Greenwich, CT, 06830
Pet name:
Podcast, a lap-cat who's all over you, all about you, & THAT into you!
Domestic Short Hair
Weve rescued this super-loving, person-oriented leukemia-positive kitty
and given him the name Podcast - though hes not exactly needy (though he is certainly ardent), hes definitely kneady. Please read about him and, if you might be interested in adoption, write in to in an email answering the questions posed at the end of this write-up; please be
assured that if you are reading this, he still needs a home. Emails
answering the questions will receive a prompt reply - guaranteed!

Hes a paw-oriented cat who likes to slap your cheek (claws in, of course)
if you have been away from him for too long. Or slap your neck to get you
to pay more attention to him. Hell take your hand between his paws and rub
his face against it if you are not petting him, and hell lay his paw in
your palm or on your bare foot to make sure you dont get away from him

Hes estimated to be about two years of age, but he is as playful as a
kitten, given to zoomy moods. Hes a health foodie, though hes
more about playing with sheets of nori seaweed and nubs of turmeric root
and leaves of grass than he is about actually eating them. (Really, he just wants you to be petting him - put down that fork!) And, as much as he loves
play, he loves even more curling up against you, or stretching himself out
over your lap. When the weather is chilly or cold, he loves to roll around IN your lap asking for belly rubs and then curling up for a loooong nap (if you let him stay there).

His fervor can be startling, in that if he sees your hand doing something
that is NOT petting him, he may rub his cheek against it (such as when you
are raising a forkful of food or grasping a water bottle) and even give it
a gentle nip (not painful, but potentially startling) to make sure it is
not going very far away from its job of caressing him. Sometimes he
misunderstands the boundaries of you and, if you are near his litterbox, he
may rub its edge with the same adoting, grateful ardor, or he may rub things around you so that they fall over or are knocked out of your hand. He loves to give soft head-butts if you present your head to him.

Because he is so physical in his affection, he might not be right for a
person of a nervous temperament, since sometimes his ways of demonstrating
his love and need for attention can be abrupt or graceless. Poor Podcast,
if you cry out in surprise when he play-slaps you or play-bites you (it
never hurts, but you might cry out anyway), he cringes and squints his
eyes, as though expecting to be hit on the head. Hes just
overenthusiastic, and not a great judge of when he might be going too far.
After all, to his mind he is just showing how much he loves you. He is a very loving kitty - a little bit slavish about it. Theres something of the devoted dog in him, a dog who knows hes been saved by you from cruelty and neglect.

As you can imagine, he is interested in what you do; from the toilet area
to the kitchen or TV area, from a phone to a book, he wants to be involved.
This is not to say that he cant amuse himself and be alone for long (if
for him very sad) stretches of time. He is good like that - like a good dog waiting for your return, for a play session (hes a boisterous, vibrant kitty) and then a loooong lap session.

For this kitty we are looking for an adopter who will give him the
immune-supportive supplements that will help with his leukemia and also be
able to give him the genuine fond, doting love he wants so much to inspire.
He truly lives for love and feels bewildered and confused without it.

Please answer these questions in an email if you might be interested -
thanks for your time!

1. What kind and brands (if applicable) of food would you feed him? Dry,
canned, raw/homemade, or a mixture of these? If you would not feed dry
food, why not? If you would not feed raw food, why not? If you would feed a
combination, what ratio of dry to wet food would you feed him? Please also
say what type/brand of cat litter you would use in his box and what kind of
water youd provide. Thanks!

2. What are your views, pro or con, on neutering/spaying?

3. What are your views, pro or con, on declawing?

4. Would Podcast be an outdoor/indoor kitty? Would he stay indoors

5. What sort of domicile would he live in with you (house, apartment, etc.)
and what other humans and non-humans would live there with you & him?

6. Under what circumstances would you want to part with your kitty after
adoption? (We are 100% no-kill and would want him to come back to us if you
at any time no longer wanted him to be a member of your family.)

7. Do you have any experience with leukemia positive kitties or have you
done research about what FeLV is?

8. Can you tell us something about yourself - your job/profession/source of
income, your area/institution of study if you are a student, your
hobbies/lifestyle/interests/leisure pursuits? Anything that you think would
make you a responsible, loving, interesting, cool, caring caregiver for the
loving Podcast?

9. [Optional] Is there anything about him from the pictures or in the
description of his personality that particularly speaks to you - "calls to


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