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In shelter Cat

Kailua Kona, HI, 96740
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Looking to adopt a kitten? Consider 2! Kittens are best adopted in pairs; when you adopt 2 kittens at the same time, youll receive a $25 discount off your adoption fees*. 

To learn more about why a pair of kittens is best, read below from information from The Kitten Lady (

Seven Ways That Kitten Friendships are Beneficial

Learn by Observation - Kittens learn by observation and will more quickly pick up skills like using the litter box or grooming if they have another kitten or cat to teach them.

Focus Play Aggression - Having a friend means they can take out their play aggression on one another (instead of on you.) Theyll also teach each other good boundaries about biting and scratching. Read about biting behaviors in kittens and how having a playmate can help!

Entertain & Enrich - When your kitten has a buddy, theyll always be entertained, active, and enriched. And a happy cat makes a happy home!

Keep Out of Trouble - One mischievous kitten can be destructive if left alone, but two kittens tend to keep each other occupied and out of trouble.

Easier Intro to Adult Cat - If you have an adult cat at home, two new kittens may be easier to introduce into your family than one. While one kitten may nag an older cat, two kittens will keep each other company while the older cat watches from a distance.

Comfort in Friendship - Having a pal will help your kitten settle into a new home. Just like humans, kittens have an easier time feeling comfortable trying something new if theyve got a friend to do it with them.

Bonded Pair Adoption - Its easier to adopt a bonded pair than it is to introduce a new cat later. Adopting a dynamic duo ensures that youll have a harmonious home for years to come!

Its Like I Always Say: One Kitten is Half a Kitten. Two Kittens Are a Whole!

If youre set on adopting only one kitten, I recommend doing so only if you do have another playful cat in the home already. A kitten can certainly adapt to life with a young cat, and will benefit from the feline mentorship. However, I strongly advise against adopting a solo kitten into a home with no one for them to befriend!

*Kitten adoption fees are $100 per kitten and includes spay/neuter, microchip, up to date on vaccines, and up to date on preventatives. $25 off applies to adopting two kittens at the same time; do not have to be from the same litter.


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