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In shelter Cat

Kenai, AK, 99611
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Bear is the guy. He has the nicest personality. Hes so gentle that he was having some trouble being picked on by the bad boys in his first foster home. All he really wants is love.

His past is awful so we want his future life to be wonderful; time for a big change. Bear lived about 4 years in a chicken coop after his people left. He was eventually fed by some people who liked having him there, thought that he was feral and happy to have him control the rodents. They asked Clear Creek to get him neutered and return him. But when we rescued him, we found that he is not a feral cat, not by any means. He so much wants to be loved. The kind family who had been feeding him didnt have a place where he could be inside with people, so they asked if we could find him a loving home. And so that is exactly what we are trying to find for him.

We dont know how old he is, but he seems like hes about mid-age, maybe 5 or 6. Hes in Nikiski but he would be happy to travel to a loving family. Call or text 907 953-0333


All of the adult cats with Clear Creek Cat Rescue have been neutered or spayed, are current on all of their vaccines including rabies, and most are also microchipped. Our usual adoption fee is $80 for adults and $145 for kittens. But some cats are sponsored and have a lower adoption fee. Please check individual listings for special adoption fees. 
CCCR provides a 10-day trial placement period during which time the adopted cat can be returned, for any reason, for a full refund. Regardless of time, we will always take the cat back as space allows.

We do NOT allow declawing.

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