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In shelter Cat

Lancaster, PA, 17601
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Orange / Red
Coat length:
Application, References and Adoption Fee Required

 Please visit us at for more information about our rescue.

Simon is being fostered in Lancaster, PA. Families interested in adopting him must be willing to come to Lancaster to meet him. He is 5-6 years old, he is neutered, vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. His adoption fee is $50. 

 Make sure you click read more to view Simons complete description! 

 Simon is a big handsome boy! He has lots of great things going for him. He has a fantastic, outgoing, bold personality! He is not shy or reserved at all! He loves to be held and carried around, and likes to lay in your lap. He is very smart and understands what no means, but that doesnt mean he always listens!  He is super affectionate and loves everyone, he never meets a stranger, everyone is his best friend!

 He has tons of personality and is very dog-like. He knows his name and comes when you call him. He loves to follow you around and see what you are doing all the time. 

 Simons favorite thing is FOOOOD! He will do anything for a treat and cannot be trusted around food he isnt meant to have. He can be a little theif and he needs to be kept out of the kitchen while you cook.

 He loves to play! Simon will play with you all day long! He loves toys of all shapes and sizes! 

 Simon is leash trained! While he is an indoor pet, he does like to get his leash and harness on and go out to sit in the sun with you. Simon CAN NOT be trusted off leash or in a fenced yard. He will run off at the first opportunity and we prefer a home where he will never go outside at all, even on a leash. Simon is a master escape artist with fenced yards and cannot be confined by a fence. He normally does not try to get out of his foster homes, if he does try, a simple no and pushing him back tends to work. He gives up after a few attempts to follow. The best way to ensure that he wont follow is to put down some canned cat food in a different room of the house so he is distracted when you leave.

 Simon loves all people and is good with other cats. He is okay with dogs but has not been around to many. The ones he has met, he likes. 

 He does play rough sometimes and would probably not do well with children under the age of 10, who would not understand his behavior. He loves to snuggle and be petted, but he also sometimes lovebites. He never means any harm, but he doesnt know his own strength.

 Simon is a great cat who has been waiting his whole life for a family to adopt him. He has been in several foster homes and is thriving in his current foster home. All of his foster families have positively adored him! He is so affectionate and loving!

 Simon can be a bit of a handful, but he is so sweet and such a great little man that it completely makes up for it.

 Our Simon has been waiting his whole life for someone to adopt him and love him forever, are you that person?

 Please visit our sweet kitties at the Fruitville Pike Petsmart in Lancaster, PA on Saturdays from 1:30-3:30pm. 

 If you are interested in a specific cat or kitten, please email first to see if it will be shown that day.

 Please email us at for more information.

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