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In shelter Cat

Lethbridge, AB, T1H 2J2
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Orange & White
Coat length:
Tyson was trapped inadvertently when we were trying to recover a PAW foster cat who had escaped from his foster home. We did not find our MIA boy, Garfield, but we havent given up either. It was evident Tyson was in rough shape and we had to help him. His leg had a large wound and needed immediate attention. His ears were very sore due to ear mites. But soon, all his medical needs were taken care of and he is now the picture of health.

Tyson is a lovely boy! Hes soft-hearted and gentle. Initially, it took time for his trust to develop because of the terrible life he was living on the street. It is abundantly evident that Tyson was pre-loved, probably when he was a kitten. Hes not much older now and remembering love came quite easily. His favourite spot will be beside you. Hes re-imagining kittenhood and playing vigorously with toys. He likes to learn new things, for example, the fist/head bump. He has a strong desire to play with his person and will get her attention with body boops and by flopping down beside her. Hes a little shy with other cats but hes learning that skill too and we have discovered that he does indeed want to make a friend. He keeps himself super clean and has very short hair. He loves treats and our smart little guy knows his name already! 

He has one issue and that is hes FIV positive. It was slightly disappointing news, not because this condition would make him an unsuitable addition to any family, but because we know people may fear FIV unnecessarily. FIV is a disease which suppresses a cat’s immune system, and makes it harder for them to fight secondary infections. Humans cannot catch FIV, and cats catch it almost exclusively from deep, penetrating bite wounds, not nips and not scratches, not shared food bowls. It is passed by the kind of injury sustained in severe, life-and-death territorial struggles (usually amongst unneutered males). There need be no worry of it spreading through bowls, or litter-boxes. An FIV-positive cat can be a very happy only-child but can also live with other cats without humans fearing for their other feline friends. Of course, personalities and habits of the resident cats also factor into a peaceful integration. With good food, supervision of their health and, of course, an indoor life, FIV-positive cats can live long and happy lives. We know Tyson will do just that with the right family.


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