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In shelter Cat

Los Angeles, CA, 90047
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Gray & White
Meet Vinny! Vinny is a sensitive boy with a gentle personality and the sweetest spirit. He can be really shy with new people and startles easily from unfamiliar noises. He would do best with a patient adopter who can give him space to decompress and let him adjust on his own time.

Once he knows he is safe, Vinnys curiosity gets the best of him! He responds well in quiet spaces with lots of areas to investigate. He will begin to slowly come out of his shell, and its very rewarding to see him exploring and checking out his new digs.

Once he trusts you, Vinny loves attention and pets. He becomes a total lover and enjoys following you everywhere-even to the bathroom! He loves perching by windows to sunbathe, belly rubs and big stretches after he wakes up from a much-needed cat nap. When Vinny is ready to call it a night, he will want to hop into bed with you for cuddles.

Vinny is full of kitten energy and playful hijinks, and LOVES being around other cats. He is currently paired in a foster home with his cat buddy, Tora. Vinny and Tora love to wrestle and chase each other around the house. Vinny also loves playing with wand toys and goes crazy for wadded up newspaper balls-they provide hours of entertainment! He becomes a pro soccer star with the paper balls, batting them all over the house and under the couch where he scores his goals.

Vinny would love to be adopted with his bestie Tora, or with another friendly cat to keep him company and help him feel more secure around humans. Anyone who adopts Vinny and Tora will be very lucky! They are well-behaved, sweet cats and very loving with each other.

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9/30/22 12:59 PM