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Rusty and Chester, born Summer 2018   

In shelter Cat

Lucknow, ON, N0G 2H0
Pet name:
Rusty and Chester, born Summer 2018
Domestic Short Hair
Orange / Red
Coat length:
These boys were part of a colony we took in June 2019.

They were born in the late Summer of 2018.

They are brothers.

They are fostered together and used to a Saint Bernard, other cats, and a respectful child.

They are very shy and take time to warm up but are no less deserving of a home.

Foster updated us January 17/2021 -
They have come a long way since intake. Both are shy but Rusty is the more outgoing one. 
Rusty loves to play but will play rough and scratch/bite. 
He loves being petted but hates to be picked up. 

He is positive for feline herpes so his eyes do run a bit from time to time. He rarely ever has flare ups with the condition.\xa0

Chester is very timid and will take things slow until comfortable. 
He loves food and is very food motivated. He is just starting to learn how to far he enjoys catnip toys. 
He loves being petted but is not overly a fan of being picked up.

Neither one are cuddlers. 

Rusty will lay with you in bed or join you on the couch but Chester wont. 

Both prefer a quiet/relaxed environment and love bird watching from the window sills.

They are both on grain-free food due to sensitive stomachs. 
I feed them wet food at breakfast and again at supper. 
I leave their dry food out so they can come and eat as they please.

Foster reported April 5/2020- 

Rusty is amazing - hes still leery of Jade (her daughter) but will let her pet him if Im with him. He loves Moose (the St. Bernard). Ive caught them sleeping together before.

Chester - is very independent and keeps to himself. Hes not a fan of Jade (her daughter) and tolerates Moose (her St. Bernard). They can be in the same room but Chester really has nothing to do with Moose. 

We had them vaccinated, dewormed, fecal tested, fel leuk/fiv tested, and neutered.

An adoption application must be completed online at if you wish to meet these cats.

They are fostered in the Auburn area.

Adoption fee is $175 per cat.
Indoor cat only 

The adoption process and requirements for this pet are below, we welcome your application if you meet the requirements to allow this Pet to thrive.


* We only adopt within Ontario
* We do not do same day adoptions for kittens or cats unless the home check has been done
* No viewings are done without an approved application
* We do not deliver pets.
* Inquiries will not be replied to when all info and link to application is provided below

Adoption process :
1- receipt of application for review . You will be emailed feedback and If approved you will be offered a viewing at the pets location 
2. Offer of viewing at the pets location . ** ALL family members must attend for viewing .**

If you wish to adopt that day then a home check has to have taken place prior - so please advise when applying if you hope to adopt the same day as the meet and greet OR if you want a home check AFTER the meet and greet.

If you would like to adopt this pet please access the adoption application at  under the "adopt/ foster/ surrender" tab- then applications.
Email to 

We welcome your application for consideration.


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