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In shelter Cat

Lyndhurst, VA, 22952
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Completely vetted
Has had 2 surgeries so far on his ear but vet will be permanently attaching his ear to his head because of difficulty healing.

Leo is friendly with the dog in the home and even approaches and loves on her. He doesnt mind the other cats and will lay beside them in bed. He isnt overly affectionate with them but also not aggressive - he just prefers them to not be in his face.

Leo was originally found outdoors so his indoor manners need a little work, as far as inappropriately scratching, so hell need someone patient to work with him on what is and isnt okay to trim his claws on. Additionally, he loves being petted but does not appreciate is feet off the ground.

Leo is currently living in a foster home with a 7 month old human who is respectful and doesnt push his limits. His favorite cat bed is stationed under the crib and hangs out there when theres too much going on.

Leonidas has tested positive for FIV. Other than medications that hes on due to his ear and the surgeries, hes been healthy. Its important for any cat to receive routine veterinary care but with FIV positive cats, its crucial to keep a close eye on his health because his immune system is compromised and hes more at risk for succumbing to illness.

My adoption fee is waived to an approved adopter. Im currently waiting for a home with a foster, so Im not at SVASC. If you would like more information on me or would like to learn how to meet me, please give SVASC a call at (540) 943-5142 or email Tracey at


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