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Chunk (FIV+)   

In shelter Cat

Manchester, CT, 06040
Pet name:
Chunk (FIV+)
Domestic Short Hair
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
Chunk is a sweet affectionate guy whos bonded with Caroline so they need to be adopted together.

He has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Theres nothing to do or medicine to administer. FIV means that Chunks immune system is compromised. He needs to live indoors exclusively (just like all of our adopted cats), eat high-quality food, and live in a stress-free environment. Like all companion cats (and dogs), he should see his veterinarian every year without fail.

• FIV is a retrovirus that compromises a cat’s immune system.
• FIV is a feline-only virus that cannot be transmitted to humans.
• Cats who test positive for FIV can live for many years without serious symptoms.
• A positive FIV test result is not a death sentence.
• FIV is most often transmitted through a bite from an infected cat, therefore, cats who test positive for FIV CAN live with FIV-negative cats with minimal risk of transmission as long as they do not fight to the point of biting.

Our adoption process: Prospective adopters must be at least 25 years old and live in Connecticut. You meet the cat(s) in whom you’re interested (we’re a foster-based organization and our cats are in several locations). If after meeting the cat(s) you want to proceed to adoption, we email our application to you; please return it within 48 hours. We call the animal hospitals you’ve used in the last five years for a reference and do a home visit by video chat.

If you’re approved, you sign an adoption contract, we email the cat’s/cats’ medical paperwork to you and we meet at the PetSmart adoption center for you to pick up the cat(s) and receive a coupon booklet from PetSmart. The adoption fee is $250 in cash per cat.