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Snickers Dodd   

In shelter Cat

Merrifield, VA, 22116
Pet name:
Snickers Dodd
Domestic Short Hair
Brown / Chocolate
Snickers is part of a bonded pair with his brother KitKat. He cannot be adopted separately.

Snickers and KitKat have spent most of their young lives being very distrustful of humans. After intensive training, they have learned to enjoy interacting with their foster mom. They both love to chase and pounce on any toy that is tossed for them and like to play with wand toys. They will play with a ball track if their human starts the game first.

Snickers has learned to enjoy long pets down his back and head and will even roll over for belly rubs if he trusts you. He loves kisses on his head too! He has also learned to tolerate being picked up but prefers if you give him kisses and whisper sweet nothings in his ear while you do so. He jumps up on the bed to snuggle at night but is still learning to not pounce on feet under the covers.

KitKat will tolerate head pets and kisses on his forehead before he gets his food. He will sometimes slap at your hand or nose as you lean down for a kiss, but he is usually purring and thinks its a game (he doesnt use his claws). He is not interested in pets unless food is involved and will try to jump out of the way to dodge your hand. He will come running back for wand toys though! KitKat also likes to sleep on the bed and will snuggle beside you when it is chilly.

Snickers knows his brother is kind of a weirdo, but they love each other so much and are often found napping together. Where one goes, the other follows. Therefore, these boys must stay together. You will get the snuggly side from Snickers and the active playful side from KitKat.

Since they are still learning all the rules of living in a house, it would be best for them to be adopted by experienced cat parents who will accept them for their quirky ways. They will need a family who understands how to help them acclimate to a new environment and give them lots of time and patience to settle in. Older children who can understand their needs and preferences would be ok, but young impulsive children will not be a good match. They love to eat and enjoy canned and dry food as well as treats. This will be the easiest way to capture their hearts!

The boys interact appropriately with other cats, but it is unknown how they would be with dogs.

Their estimated birthday is June 1, 2020. The boys are neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped and tested negative for Leukemia and FiV.

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