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LONG TIMER - Collin - Emotional Support   

In shelter Cat

Milford, NJ, 08848
Pet name:
LONG TIMER - Collin - Emotional Support
Domestic Short Hair
Black & White / Tuxedo
Coat length:
We cannot understand why folks are not lining up to meet this sweet, loveable, hard-life young boy!  He is amazing, he is Collin, he is 4 years old and weighs in at a hefty 12 pounds.  12 pounds of love!

We are calling Collin an emotional support cat. He will sit with his person for hours on end. Just being there for you to talk to and to listen. As long as you are scratching his head or chin, he wont move from you lap. Collin is so funny, he purrs ... BUT you cannot hear it! His little throat is vibrating but no sound comes out ... what???

In these pictures, Collin may look a little rough around the edges, but he has a good reason for it. Clearly he was owned by someone in the past and for whatever reason, he ended up on the street. Now his coat is shiny and clean and gleams! He doesnt mind being combed but not brushed ... another what??

Collin he has several distinct personalities: One is the lap climber and cuddler. He usually gets this way when he’s in his own room relaxing and reflecting on the olden days of being outside and how lucky he is to have an indoor foster home and family now. Yes, he has his own room and puts himself to bed! Collin will chat and bonk your hand for pets (insistently) - he will also tell you when he has had enough

Then there is the chatty side of Collin (see him chatting in the picture)?. He is vocal when its food time! And treat time! And lovey time! He greets his foster dad with little squeaks and comes running!

Then there is the playful and exploring side of Collin. He loves roaming his foster home looking for nooks and crannies to plop down in, only to get up and plop down in yet another spot. Collin loves his scratching pad and he is always ready to play with his favorite stick toy and his crinkly balls (check out his video)! Collin uses his scratching posts diligently as well as his litter box. What a good boy!

Collin loves peeking out of the window and chats at the birds and squirrels outside. He is food driven so you can pretty much get to come to you with just a shake of the treat bag

To schedule some quality time with Collin, please call Melodie at 908-612-4551 or email me at and I will send you an application to see if he is the right match for your family!