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Acer & Fig (Bonded Pair)   

In shelter Cat

Minneapolis, MN, 55419
Pet name:
Acer & Fig (Bonded Pair)
Domestic Short Hair
Orange & White
Coat length:
Acer and Fig are 4-month-old brothers looking for their forever home together!

Acer, or Ace, (his fur is more orange than white) loves to nap! He sleeps the most out of his siblings. When hes awake, he likes to play and explore. He enjoys watching the birds out my window. He is generally a very calm cat, except when hes rough-housing with his siblings.

Fig (has more white fur than his brother) is so funny and wacky. He cracks me up daily. He has a lot of energy and loves to chase me and pretend to "attack" me. Its really cute.

Fig loves to play with his siblings and bat around felt mice. He loves to drink water from the tap. Hes very playful. Hes also a fan of watching birds out the window.

Aces hobby is sleeping. :) And hes a good eater! He loves breakfast first thing in the morning. I usually give the kittens wet food in the morning and in the evening. I leave out dry food during the day, and they always have fresh water. He plays hard right after breakfast then snoozes for much of the afternoon. He has another burst of energy around dinner time.

Fig has a great appetite for breakfast and dinner, too. His exercise is really playing chase with his siblings or playing with toys.

Ace and Fig are currently living in a nice, bright apartment with lots of room to explore and many places to nap.

Their ideal home will be with someone who appreciates Aces need for sleep and Figs need for space to run around. It should have several comfortable places for them to nap. 

An ideal owner will appreciate Ace needing his personal/sleep space. But also give him the proper amount of affection when he seeks it out.

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