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In shelter Cat

New Richmond, WI, 54017
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
If you would like to meet Josh, please visit our website to review our adoption requirements and process and to schedule and on-site appointment.

Josh joined the GGOH family along with his siblings and his poppa (momma has yet to be captured but were not giving up!).  This little family had been living in a shed and when found by the home owner, they knew just who to call for help.  Of course we couldnt say "no" to this family in need - welcome Josh and family!

Josh (like his siblings) is a bit on the shy side and still a bit nervous around us humans, but he is adjusting well to indoor life and has decided that if you go slow, you mean no harm - so, thats what we do, we go slow.  Josh is a brave young fella though and hes coming around quickly.  Sometimes he waits and watches and takes a signal from his siblings and therefore, it would be fabulous if Josh was either adopted along with a sibling or, if there was another cat already in the adoptive home for him to learn from and take comfort with.  Two is always better than one - at least in our opinion it is. :)  

As mentioned, Josh is great with other cats and loves a good tumble and play session.  Hes also a fan of kitty toys and is partial to sparkly pompoms.  Hes still a bit nervous around noisy children but he will get used to them - as long as the children can respect his need to go slow, hell be accepting of that.  If you have dogs, well that is an unknown but from experience we can tell you that when introduced properly, kittens typically adapt and learn quickly that dogs mean no harm - that is, at least well trained and well behaved dogs mean no harm.  

Lastly we wanted to mention "Black Cat Syndrome" - the general opinion that black cats are harder to adopt than other cats that have similar personalities and physical traits.  It really is a thing - many people shy away from black cats simply because they are black.  Superstition is what it boils down to but we are here to tell you, black cats are fabulous and no different than any cat of a different color but it is true, they stay in rescues and shelters much longer than other cats do.  So if you could find it in your heart to welcome a black cat into your home and family, well Josh would be very happy to hear that.  Take a chance on him, show him hes valued regardless of the color of his coat.  You wont be disappointed!

Joshs DOB is approx. 3/2/22.